New laptop recommendations?

29 02 2004

So with the loss of my laptop I’d like to get a handle on the current state of affairs for laptops. Since ‘jboat‘ was my primary work platform I’d need to replace it with something that could cut the mustard.
Read on for specs. I’d love to hear recommendations, what do you think would fit the bill? Otherbloggers, feel free to trackback to this, I’d like to hear from other folks as well.

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Sunday morning at the con

29 02 2004

Bright. Glowing thing. In the sky. AIEEEE!
Not enough sleep, but moving along. There were actually people waiting to register when Ben and I got downstairs, though the sun was barely up. Boy, these people need to get lives! Owait…
More post-coffee.

Convention, day 2.

28 02 2004

Holy shit there’s a lot of people here. Current reg counts are something like 950 registrations, about 780 attendees (which is about right 🙂 . The LAN room is stuffed, their setting up tables in the halls to take up the overflow.

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Convention days 0-1

27 02 2004

Ubercon III is under way! Ben and I got here on Thursday afternoon, and spent most of the day setting up the equipment, meeting hte rest of the crew, and generally testing stuff out. A good first day… however…

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Hah! Victory over encroachment!

26 02 2004

On the evenings when we have company over, Zach’s room becomes the guest room, which of course means Zach has to sleep somewhere else. That means either Cat’s bed or mine. Last night it was mine. One problem. Zach turns into Claude Van Damme in the middle of the night, and likes using my back for target practice.
But this time….

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Pushing systems to the limit

25 02 2004

There’s sort of a creed in the technoid world that folks have a tendency to just want faster and faster machinery, even when that is not really warranted. Many people spend zillions of dollars on machines that spend most of their time running screensavers or playing Solitaire.
I’m always keeping an eye on ‘am i just wanting new equipment just because it’s sexy? or do I really need it’? Well, I think I hit my limit on this laptop.

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Continued feed fiddling

24 02 2004

Thanks to more help from Jasra, we dug up a Moveable Type template and installed it into Planet Geek‘s configuration. I just updated to the new template after testing it out a little using Bloglines,and it appears to be presenting stuff correctly – there should be Comments links and the ‘Read more…” function should be working. I’ll throw a cut here to make sure.

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