“I’ll be taking the next year off dead. For tax purposes.”

20 10 2004

This is becoming somewhat of a pattern. After going away on business trips (in this case the trips lasted about 4 weeks), I tend to get sick when settling back into the house. Oddly, it didn’t happen during the gap between Gnomedex and Ubercon as I expected.
It did however happen this week. So now I’m walking around the house, zombie like, feeling like my head is stuffed with a wet pillow.
So, things’ll be a little slow until I return from the dead.




One response

20 10 2004

Now now, no being dead. You’ll be stinky and then they’ll have to figure out what to do with the body.
Seriously, I hope this passes quickly. It’s not a shock that you get sick when you do a lot of traveling/cons because of the strange hours you end up keeping.
*hugs* Feel better soon!

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