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31 05 2005

I must be the last person in the world to find PostSecret.
Just. Wow.

The New Deadly Sins

31 05 2005

I think there should be a new set of ‘deadly sins‘ in the modern world. No religion or government or social structure would ever own up to these, since all are equally guilty of violating them.
My short proposed list (coupled with their appropriate Virtues)

Ignorance Knowledge
Anger Acceptance or Thoughtfulness
Hypocrisy Sincerity
Arrogance Humility

If more of the world (from politicians through the guy next door) would take their lead from the right column more often than the left, wouldn’t things be better all around?

Unclear on the concept

30 05 2005

I’m exploring some of the weather station solutions for Linux. Folks have been doing various weather stats gathering applications for Windows based machines forever, I’m curious about doing a multiple-input monitoring system that will keep track of indoor, outdoor, and water temperature, and display them on a handy screen.
It looks like one of the more popular systems is Weather Display, which conveniently has a Linux version.
Excellent, thinks I. I’ll check it out. Oh, and on their Linux page, they have a handy Getting Started guide.
Which is a link to a Microsoft Word document.
The mind boggles.

Pointcast for Linux?

30 05 2005

Anyone remember Pointcast? Back in the late 90’s, this tool was a ‘push’ concept that downloaded headlines, quotes, stocks, and other article details to your PC and showed them in a sort of animated presentation via a screensaver. I found it fascinating. If an article or headline showed up I was interested in, I could pause the display and ask for information on that article.
With RSS feeds being available from just about every source, it just seems natural that we should be able to re-implement Pointcast using RSS feeds for data sources. I’ve seen some tools for MacOS that do thi (but only the headlines, and not really showing ‘content’, just sort of waving pretty headlines), but nothing for Linux that would actually summarize the feeds.
So who wants to write an XScreensaver plugin for this?

Psychedelic Republicans!

29 05 2005

The latest in the Collectible Cardgame craze!

That’s right – your world is finally complete! It’s amazing wacky fun time with all-new Psychedelic RepublicansTM trading cards! Collect them all, and gaze on in helpless, pupil-dilating wonder as your favorite C-SPAN stars morph into groovy explosions of technicolor conservatism!


Moderation disabled

29 05 2005

We’re going to give a try to running without comment moderation for a while. So folks posting / commenting on things should be able to see their posts immediately. Let me know if anything odd crops up.

Pictures from Maine

29 05 2005

I’d like to do some more picture-sharing, so here’s a few I took last night during one of the first ‘clear’ sunsets we’ve had in weeks. Of course, as I type this, it’s thundering and raining outside (a set of storms moving through the area), but yesterday and today were great.

The lake is Horn Pond, near Acton

Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
Pic 4

All images © 2005 Dave Belfer-Shevett