How good are YOU at US Geography?

7 05 2005

This is a fun set of flash games that are educational as well. How well do you know your US geography? Place the states onto the map – I played the ‘intermediate’ Place the State one and 46 out of 50 perfect – 92%, Avg error of 17 miles in 497 seconds.
Click here to play




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7 05 2005

ooh! I like the Advanced game, the score is much less dependent on what order you get the states in.
(avg error 17 miles, 382 seconds. But only 40 perfect, since I didn’t have any adjacent states to help me out.)

7 05 2005

first try: 39 perfect, average error 20 miles. Gotta try again and do better!

7 05 2005

Thanks for this link, it’s really cool. I seem to have a Kansas/Nebraska dysfunction, getting them wrong in both the name the state and place the state, though trying to place Nebraska in a void in the middle of the country is tough.

7 05 2005

Yeah, I suck at geography so I’m not even going to play. 😀

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