Sometimes, you can go home.

23 06 2005

One of the advantages of working in New Jersey is being able to visit places I used to call home. On the last visit, I went back to the farm I lived on between 1969 and 1981, or the place I refer to as “where I grew up”.
The farm is located in Ringoes, NJ, about 20 miles west of Princeton. It’s still extremely rural, and many of the farms I remember are still there, including ‘ours’. The current owners were nice enough to let me look around the property and take lots of pictures. I’ve assembled them into a photo album with comments.
This was a hard visit for me in many ways. Many old memories, some things changed that were hard to see, but also many things the same. I kept noticing small bits everywhere. The lamp fixture on the porch – my mom selected that. The combination lock on the kitchen is still there (I wondered if it still had the same combination). The thermometer outside the dining room window (plastic) . All still there from almost 25 years ago.




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24 06 2005

Nice pics!
Do you remember the combination? ( my birthday!)
And the brick walk that dad put in; sweeping and sweeping the sand for what seemed like days.
I think your dates are off. We moved to the Dix Hills house in 1969, then to the rental in Ringoes in 1972 for a year.
Thanks for the pics; did you try to buy the tractor? That would be cool.
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