The Fake Dr. Pepper Collection

13 09 2005

This is just too funny. A fellow has, in full and complete detail, documented all the Dr. Pepper clones he could find. Sample cans and pictures and taste-tests and everything.
As a long time Dr Pepper fan, I was shocked to hear that he ranked Mr. Pibb (the most popular Dr Pepper clone) only 2 out of 5 pepper points. It’s one of the few that is regularly on tap around here in the northeast.
Anyway, check out




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14 09 2005

I’m amused.
He correctly gave Dr. Becker (the all-natural knockoff at O’Natural’s) a 1/2 can for resemblance to the original. (I don’t agree that it tastes “horrible”, but it is awfully sweet and has very little Dr. Pepper flavor.)

14 09 2005

I don’t think i’ve ever even HEARD of ‘Dr Beckers’. I’ll stick with the original 🙂

14 09 2005

It’s kinda cool, but it’s also kinda wrong…
While from a marketing standpoint, those drinks were supposed to compete with Dr. Pepper, they’re really not. Heck, I *love* Dr. Wells, but I can’t compare it to Dr. Pepper. It’s like comparing Fresca to Mountain Dew.
And while I’m not to fond of Mr. Pibb, it’s not a bad soda.
Feh. Darn fanatics. 🙂

15 09 2005

I’m in Dallas for work this week and my god, they have Dr. Pepper everywhere! They even have diet Dr. Pepper (which I switched to about a year ago) in a lot of places!

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