‘Woot’ defined!

27 10 2005

I try to make it a habit to go to woot.com every day to see what spiffy things they have available (and have frequently gone ‘yes! I do want one of those turnip twaddlers!’, much to my chagrine.
Anyway, today they have an interesting tidbit on the origin of the term ‘woot’…

Several times a day, I find myself explaining “woot” to grandmas, probation officers, and disinterested bartenders at the local dives. “Double-you oh oh tee, like ‘loot’ with a W instead of an L.” It’s actually so rare that someone knows the term that as I repeatedly try to explain it, I just end up feeling foolish and tired…so very tired…

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2 responses

27 10 2005

They are funny guys. I love reading the descriptions of stuff even when it’s stuff that isn’t interesting to me. 😀 Yay for clever writers.

28 10 2005

I didn’t see a real explination.
however, as far as I know,
w00t came from FPS’s, meaning We Own Other Team.
and got leet speaked into w00t

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