Honda putting out a new Hybrid

22 02 2006

As reported on on Yahoo news :

TOKYO (Reuters) – Honda Motor Co. (7267.T) plans to sell a low-cost hybrid car, a version of its popular Fit subcompact, a Japanese daily reported, signaling the auto maker’s long-term commitment to the fuel-sipping powertrain.
Japan’s third-biggest auto maker aims to sell the Fit hybrid as early as next year for around 1.4 million yen ($11,790), or about 200,000 yen more than the gasoline-only version, likely making it the world’s first hybrid to cost less than 2 million yen ($16,840), the leading Japanese business daily said on Wednesday.
The model could be launched in the business year starting April 2007 and would be sold globally, the paper said.
The newspaper said the Fit hybrid would have fuel economy comparable to that of the Honda Insight and Toyota Prius, which the auto makers advertise in Japan as getting around 35-36 km to a liter (82-84 miles per gallon).

The entry on the Fit has pictures and other details.
Low teens price-wise, 4 door hatchback, getting 82-84mpg? Now to see if I can actually FIT in it. Hah. I’m such the funny.




3 responses

22 02 2006

A subcompact actually having a market in the US? I disbelieve.

22 02 2006

i waaaaaaant one. 🙂

22 02 2006

It is adorable! I covet one already…

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