Moebius Loops in Life – Improv Everywhere

6 03 2006

Remember the guys doing the no pants thing on the NY Subway, and getting arrested for it? Well blk pointed out they’ve done another great mission. This time repeating a sequence of events over and over and over again in a Starbucks.
The mission was called the Moebius, where a half dozen events were repeated, in sequence, about every 6-8 minutes in a Starbucks in NYC. The link documents each step, and notes how customers are reacting. For the most part, New Yorkers seemed to take it as it was intended – a public art performance. They were commenting, enjoying, waiting for what they knew was each step, and looking for other small elements they might have missed on the previous go around.




2 responses

7 03 2006

The Moebius is hilarious. I would swear I was losing my mind if I was one of the patrons.

7 03 2006

That’s wonderful!

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