The things I learn reading LiveJournal

21 03 2006

I found this icon while surfing various other postings and misc communities, and I just stared at it for a good 15 minutes. It illustrates perfectly how a sewing machine works.




7 responses

21 03 2006

That’s really cool.

22 03 2006

Oh My GOD! For the first time EVER, finally, finally, finally, I GET IT! Thanks!

22 03 2006

Ok, that’s too cool.

22 03 2006

That is really nifty.
Don’t know if anyone remembers a British series called The Secret Life of Machines. That was a priceless show. Each episode, they would take one household or office machine, give the history and explain how it works in simple language.
When they did the sewing machine, they made a ‘human’ sewing machine to ‘sew’ together a couple of sheets of styrofoam with a rope. They had one person as the needle, one as the bobbin, a thread feeder and the ‘foot’ feeder for the ‘fabric’… after that, I’ll never forget how they work. 😀

22 03 2006

The secret life of machines was a great show, i remember it fondly 🙂

23 03 2006

That is really neat. I never completely understood it before, it just magically happened. THis has opened my eyes.

3 07 2006

thats all fine an dandy but how the heck does it pull the needle out afterwards

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