Mini-Rant: ebay ‘keep me signed in’

19 04 2006

I’ve been using ebay forever. And I mean, forever. DId you know that eBay wasn’t the original name of the project? It was called ‘Auctionweb’, and eBay was just the hosting company.
For as long as I can remember, that little checkbox on the login screen said “Keep me signed in”. I check it, I uncheck it, I yell at it, I try different browsers and platforms, and it has NEVER actually kept me signed in. I go away for an hour or three, yep! Gotta sign in again!
I can’t imagine I’m the only person this happens to. I can only assume eBay simply has no interest in fixing it.




5 responses

19 04 2006

I just tried it and it works fine for me. Are you sure you have cookies allowed for *

20 04 2006

Yep, I just checked my firefox ‘exceptions’ for cookies, no rules set. I have accept from all sites.
I am amused that ebay has no fewer than 15 cookies set in my browser.

20 04 2006

This has driven me crazy for all the many
years I’ve been using ebay.

21 04 2006

Well I think it works for some things like adding items to your watch list, but for updating your credit card, or bidding on stuff, I think they want the added security of having you login again.
BTW, I’ve been using ebay since Sep 10, 1997 and have a feedback rating of 436, how does that match up to you?

10 04 2007

I have the same problem and have tried all sorts of changes to in IE Options, with no success. Anybody know what’s the deal?

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