Video about SVS-like School

29 04 2006

This is a GREAT video posted on YouTube – it’s part of a documentary about the Fairhaven School in Maryland. Fairhaven is a Sudbury Valley-like school, which is where my son Zach goes. This video covers all aspects of the school, interviewing students and showing what life is like in a environment democratically run by the students.
BoingBoing has the link to the video.
If you’ve ever had any questions about the Sudbury Valley School, this is a fantastic overview of what it’s like.




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29 04 2006
Mary Ellen

Hey thanks! I did a paper on Democratic schools just a little while ago. Had hoped to visit Sudbury but couldn’t pull off the travel. Alas.
Anyway – I’ll definitely check out the video!

29 04 2006
Patrick Smith

Hey, Dave, It’s Patrick (helped with the van, juggles, etc). How you’ve been?

1 05 2006

The Washington Post had an article about Fairhaven last week:

4 05 2006
Danny Mydlack

I’m the filmmaker. Thanks so much for recommending the trailer for viewing. Don’t know if you’ve mentioned it; Psychology Today’s May issue has a near-perfect primer on SVS.
Danny Mydlack

5 05 2006

Hi Danny, no problem! Thanks again for such a great presentation.

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