The Geek Farm

17 05 2006

Following along my comments earlier about following in Steve Ciarcia’s chatterings in his column in Byte magazine called Ciarcia’s Circuit Cellar, I’ve decided to do something similar.
I frequently talk about the machines I run here at Chez Geek, without really having a library showing them. Each of these machines has filled a specific niche in what I do and helps me pursue my various n sundry projects. As I go on about various tinkerings, I’ll try and keep the pages up to date with new upgrades and changes, and link to them whenever mentioning them.
So, without further adieu, I give you… The Geek Farm:

  • hunter – IBM T40 Thinkpad
  • endor – AMD Shuttle
  • yawl – Dell GX-260
  • winxp – AMD Shuttle (the only windows box)
  • deathstar – Old AMD box, running MythTV

There are others, but these are the primary machines that live here in my office. Good eggs, all of them 🙂



One response

17 05 2006

Oops, sorry, the pictures were originally marked as private. They’re open now, sorry about that.

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