Fruit Bowl!

20 05 2006


Originally uploaded by eidolon.

I rarely get the chance to create something in the kitchen, but somewhere I got a reputation for making nice fruit bowl sculptures. Since we’re going down to a birthday party for Catya‘s grandmother today, I had a request to make another fruit bowl.

This was a smaller watermelon than I usually use, so instead of the ‘built in handle’ I usually do, I decided to make it sort of more ‘cradle’ like. I cut the melon down and removed the ‘lid, and hollowed out the interior (after cutting watermelon balls using a 1tbspn measuring spoon). After that I cut up pineapple, honeydew melon, grapes, kiwis (with Zach’s help!), and strawberrys, and mixed those in. The baby pineapple was _TOO CUTE_ to cut down, so I fitted it into the top part of the watermelon.

Toothpicks are used a bit to hold the things on the top of the melon, but mostly this is just a bowl full o fruit. We have about the same volume again to refill as folks eat, carried in a seperate set of bowls.

Dog added for scale.




4 responses

20 05 2006

Mmm! Tasty fruit. Great presentation too.

20 05 2006

Little watermelon?! That melon is as big as the dog!
excellent work, though. I’m going to have to try that sometime. 🙂

20 05 2006

Looks gorgeous!

20 05 2006

Wow! I’m totally impressed. Gorgeous, Dave. 🙂

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