Typing Tests!

1 06 2006

Cat made a comment today that I’m still one of the fastest typists she knows. I sort of laughed and moved on, because, yeah, I do crank the keys pretty fast. I wonder if this is why I’m so touchy about my keyboard types.
It got me wondering though, how fast do I really type? Well, the net came to my rescue. I went to typingtest.com, started up their little Java applet, and typed away. I got:
Gross speed, 112 WPM. Errors: 6 words. Net speed: 106WPM. Accuracy 94%
Not too shabby!




3 responses

1 06 2006

On the boring business pasage, I got:

78 WPM gross, 3 errors, 75 WPM net, accuracy 96%

But on the Wizard of Oz, I got

88 WPM gross, 3 errors, 85 WMP net, accuracy 96%

which is a pretty big difference, and makes me

wonder to what extent typing speed varies with

the liveliness of the passage being typed.

2 06 2006

Hee! You and I have nearly identical typing speeds. 🙂

3 06 2006

You’ve gotten…faster over the last couple of decades.
(I get a mere 72 wpm on my way to Oz.)
Oh, and what makes a good keyboard for you?
(For me: A light touch, keys that move freely, and I wish I could get the old “mushy” Keytronics capacitive-foam-pad keyboards but they’re long gone.)

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