All hail the FSM!

14 12 2006

When I aquired clipper as my primary work machine, i needed to do something to really make it my own. I’d always wanted to do some sort of custom artwork on the cover of my laptops, usually to proclaim I’M NOT RUNNING WINDOWS. Well, that won’t work for this particular machine (it is, in fact, running windows), so I needed something else. The answer came to me in while getting a nice evolve plaque for the van. Why not something similar for the laptop?
So on went an FSM plaque, and I went on with my wanderings around coffee shops, customer sites, and the like. The problem? No one got it. I think the Flying Spaghetti Monster sect is just too obscure, too geek-centric for anyone outside the true elite of geekdom to get it.
Well, that is, until today.
Today I walked into Panera Bread and set up in my usual way. The place is pretty busy, it being around lunchtime, and I ended up taking one of the tall round tables. As I hauled out the laptop and parked my backpack in a chair, a passer-by went “Oo, the flying spaghetti monster! Cool!” I turned, expecting to find someone of the geek ilk, but it was in fact the middle aged nondescript woman and her friend who had just gotten up from said table. “Wow!”, said I “most people don’t recognize it.” “Oh sure, one of my kids just did a report on it.” “Well great!” and they wandered off.
I somewhat feel vindicated. Maybe the word is getting out.




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14 12 2006

Mmm. Spaghetti.

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