And a fine good morning to you too.

26 12 2006

Well there’s truly no great way to celebrate the post-consumerist-feeding-frenzy joy that is Boxing day than waking up and settling down to get some work done, and finding out that at some time during the night yawl seems to have blown it’s drive.
As things stand now, yawl is not my primary work machine (clipper is), so I’m not horribly inconvenienced. But I did have things archived on there I’d like to back up, and yawl was also the host to the external drive that is the backup for boomer, our big colocated server. But most importantly, yawl also acts as my music streamer from Radio Paradise. This, of course, ups the priority quite a bit.
Ah well, time to download a new System Rescue CD and see if I can at least copy some files off the drive.




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