Something Terrible Happened to my Headphones

27 03 2007

The other night I decided to go out to dinner at the local CPK, and brought my MZ-RH1 along to listen to tunes while reading.

“Odd,” thought I, “why am I not getting any sound out? The player is running, the display is showing levels, dang, I wonder if I blew out the internal amp during the recording session the othernight? Nah, couldn’t be.” I resigned myself to a musicless evening, and went on with my dinner.

When I pulled the player out again the next day to see what was wrong, I plugged it into my desktop speakers, lo, it worked! Something odd with my headphones, I gu… oh dear. Oh my.

Apparently Lila decided that my headphone cable would make a tasty snack, and gnawed away on them for a bit. Fortunately, she chose the ‘headphone’ segment of the wire, so I can replace them with any generic mini-stereo jack equipped ‘phones. I was rather fond of the Sony headphones (which had the ‘one long, one short’ wiring arrangement that let one earpiece have a wire around the back, thereby leaving only one wire going from the unit to the ‘phones). They had great sound and were reasonably comfortable for ‘earbud’ style phones.

Ah well, I’ll haul out a pair of iPod headphones I have lying around and assume the mild-mannered demeanor of an Apple drone until I can replace my chewed up set.




One response

27 03 2007

Despite knowing the sales numbers and that yes, there ARE that many iPods out there, I can’t help but wonder if some of the people I see walking down the street don’t just have the white earbuds, are actually listening via something else entirely… or, more amusingly, not listening to anything at all, just have the jack end stuffed in a pocket. 😉
Sorry to hear about your ‘phones :/.

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