Boston and Boston Metro Coffeeshops

11 04 2007

As part of my somewhat nomadic working style, I like getting out and about and spending time in local coffeeshops and restaurants. I can do 98% of my business from my laptop, therefore all I need is a comfortable environment, free wireless, and a good supply of coffee.The problem is, trying to actually FIND decent establishments to fill this need can be a real challenge. I’m not talking about Starbucks here – I’d rather support local businesses and encourage free wireless.

So in an effort to help out others with similar pursuits, here’s a list of free wireless coffeeshops and / or businesses that I’ve found comfortable for telecommuting or just ‘out of home’ work.

  • Continental Cafe
    Location / Website: Acton
    Private coffee shop, very comfortable, includes a deli.

  • Diesel Cafe
    Location / Website: Davis Square, Somerville (Warning: annoying flash website with sound :-/ )
    The current mecca point for Somerville / Cambridge area bohemians. Note – Diesel’s wireless is NOT actually free. But it’s a good place nonetheless.

  • Crown Plaza
    Location / Website: Natick, on Rt 9
    In-lobby comfortable seating, and a bar / restaurant along one side. Comfortable for meetings, work, and quietly getting things done.

  • Panera Bread
    Panera has many locations all over Boston, see this page to find one near you. Most have free wireless. I personally use the ones in Natick, Marlborough, and Burlington.

  • Bear Rock Cafe
    Location / Website: Leominster
    I found this place while over visiting my mom’s in Leominster. Interestingly, it was all of 40′ away from a Starbucks, but had free wireless and a full deli, and was doing good business.

  • Cafe Ziba
    Location / Website: Rt 2a in Acton
    I’ve never actually been here, but it was recommended.

  • The Java Room
    Location / Website: Chelmsford
    A nice shop out on 495, comfortable and good coffee.

If you know of others in the area, leave them in comments, and I’ll continue updating the list…




3 responses

11 04 2007

I also like:
The Java Room in Chelmsford
Cambridge Brewing Company in Cambridge (natch)
Watch City Brewery in Waltham
Paul’s Diner in Westford
There’s a very thorough list at, though of course not all of these locations are going to work well for hanging out for hours on end šŸ™‚

11 04 2007

Thanks Tim – I added the Java Room. I’m mostly looking for places I can drop in and sit for several hours without getting the hairy eyeball from the management. It’s good that certain restaurants and bars are adding services, but the restaurants for the most part are less open to this sort of casual usage – at least that’s been my experience.

11 04 2007
Ted Thibodeau Jr

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