Well smack me with a trout.

3 10 2007

I feel somewhat foolish.
I’ve been looking around for local places to go work on my laptop that are outside chez geek. My needs are pretty basic I think… Quiet comfortable space, wireless net access, a power outlet, and coffee.
I’ve found a space that covers everything but the coffee, and I feel foolish for not having come here before. It’s the Moore Institute library, better known as the Natick Public Library. It’s a huge space, several floors, well designed and laid out, and… best of all… nice little cubby spaces that are all set up for laptop use (with power outlet, hardwire connection and everything). The wireless is active as well, so you don’t need to plug in if you don’t want to.
It’s within easy bike distance of the house, and lunchstops are all around here. I think I’ll try and come down here more often.




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