This morning I slept late

19 01 2008

Now, why is this remarkable?
Because I am at Arisia, and for the last 6 years or so, I’ve been running (or helping to run) registration. This means getting up very early Saturday morning to set up and run CONGO for the days registrations.
This year I’m not running reg. Oh, they’re still using CONGO, but a few weeks of tunning, fiddling, and refining, and the system is now startable by mere mortals. I was still ‘awake’ at 8:45 (registration opened at 9), and I was waiting for the phone to ring with a problem… but it didn’t ring. All went well, and I happily slept in until around 9:30.
In some ways, it’s awfully nice. In others, I’m sort of mystified. What am I supposed to do with my time now?




3 responses

19 01 2008

Isn’t that great! šŸ˜€ You’ll find something to do. Go to the art show.

19 01 2008

I believe this is where you hit the “Profit!” block of the diagram.

19 01 2008

It’s been nice to see you!

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