And so it begins.

28 03 2008


Originally uploaded by eidolon

You know, Zach loves reading. And loves games. And… it’s time.

Took about 1/2 an hour to unearth the books. Granted, nowadays 2nd edition is a tad outdated, but it’s a great place to start.




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28 03 2008

What are they?

28 03 2008

Those. Are second edition AD&D manuals.

28 03 2008

Hmm I still don’t know what they are? Just curious…
He seems pretty interested.

28 03 2008

Ah, found it on Wikipedia..

28 03 2008

Oh man.
So when will he join a game? 🙂

28 03 2008

Need any spares to fill out his collection? I really need to get rid of my 2nd Ed. stuff…

31 03 2008

I wouldn’t call 2nd ed “outdated” any more than I’d call Monopoly outdated – it’s still just as viable a system as it was when it came out. And if I were going to run a D&D game, I’d probably use 2nd ed, since that’s what I’ve got on hand (although I’d be far more likely to use GURPS than any other system for a game I was running).
And MRF – if you’ve got 2nd ed books you’re giving away, I’ll give them a good home (and pay for postage) if you’re willing to pass them on to a friend of a friend, rather than someone you know personally.

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