Goings on

15 04 2008

A couple quick What’s Going On updates…

April 20th – MIT Flea Market
As part of the great cleanout, I’ll be hauling a vanload of gear to the MIT Fleamarket on Sunday, along with a couple other cohousing friends. This is not a ‘for profit’ sell-off. I’m getting RID of stuff. A quarter for that 1U dual opteron? Go for it! (okay, not really), but I will have piles of stuff that I just don’t need or want anymore, please take it away?

April 25-27 – Ubercon X
Yep, another Ubercon! Yay! I’ll be down in NJ again working registration. The change this time? Zach will be coming with me (his first gaming con!). Pretty exciting stuff.




2 responses

15 04 2008

Based on my and others’ experience, I think you’ll get rid of stuff faster if you price them cheaply (and at different prices) than if everything’s free for $1.

15 04 2008

Isn’t it weird? I’ve completely seen that behaviour. I’ll do that for chassis, monitors, anything bulky or interesting in itself, but I’ll also have an “Anything in this box for $1” thing set up.
We’ll see how it goes 🙂

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