A KDE Gripe – Spellcheck needs to go.

4 05 2008

It’s no secret I’m a huge booster of KDE, and specifically Konqueror, the built-in web browser. It’s fast, powerful, standards compliant, and just plain works.

But please, KDE folks, ferchrissake, fix the damned spell checker.

When editing things in TEXTAREA fields in Konqueror, occasionally you’ll get the red text of a misspelled word (or one that is simply not in the dictionary). That’s fine, no problems. In the Gnome world (and the variants such as those used in Thunderbird, my other most-used app, you can right click on the misspelled word, and it’ll happily give you a list of alternate spellings.

But no, not in KDE. The right click menu has no context for the misspelled word. It simply gives you the option of ‘check spelling’, which pulls up a dialog that spell checks the entire textarea, from beginning to end. Every time.

That means I get prompted for ‘href’ and ‘png’ and ‘img’ and ‘valign’ and all the other fun things that I type into my blog postings, long before I get to the current word.

Dear KDE. Please fix this behaviour. Make a context-sensitive spell checker. Luv, me




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