Jay Walker’s Library

10 10 2008

I’m certainly a collector. Scouring eBay looking for another odd component to add to my esoteric toy collection is an age old pasttime.
But Jay Walker, the founder of Priceline.com and entrepreneur extraordinaire, has taken it to the ultimate.
Wired.com has an article and pictorial about his private library, containing centuries old books, originals of the milestones in technical and intellectual history (one of the spare Sputnik satellites, Enigma machines, an Edison kinetiscope, a 1960-era vacuum tube processor from IBM), all housed in a custom built 35,000 sq foot room.



3 responses

10 10 2008

And he put Post-Its in a 1493 book.
Jess S. contacted him about what a bad idea that was and he took them out.

10 10 2008
Chris Devers

Yes, but how did he agree on a price for all this stuff?

11 10 2008

Cool stuff, just like I like! In fact we have lots of stuff like that! But not the room for it, although we act like we do..
(3,500 sq ft, btw, not 35,000!)

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