OLPC G1G1 Program via Amazon is now up

18 11 2008

For those who missed the first Give One Get One program, the OLPC group has made them available again, this time in a partnership with Amazon.com. This means laptops will be shipped and managed by Amazon, thereby avoiding all the shipping and support delays that cropped up with the first program last year

Zach has had his XO since January, and still uses it regularly, particularly for Scratch programming, and also playing on a mud. He’s going to be graduating to programming in Python soon, and this is an excellent platform this.

By the way, there’s a Fedora distribution from Redhat that sold through Amazon on an SD card. Buy the card, drop it into the XO, and it’ll boot up as a fully functional Redhat Linux box with your favorite desktop manager and other application support.

Remember, the G1G1 program is designed primarily to support the developing countries, and get more laptops into the hands of kids that need them. These laptops are by far the greenest laptops ever manufactured, with the lowest impact on the environment possible. If you’re serious about education, environmental support, and getting technology into the hands of people who want it the most, please consider the OLPC project.




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