Grow Tower – Here we go again!

27 01 2009

Because you obviously had too much spare time.
Grow Tower is now up for your Grow pleasure. My best while tinkering this morning is 14, but already the animations make me want to try for higher.




5 responses

27 01 2009

i got up to 19, which maxed out three things. sooo cute.

27 01 2009

That’s a challenging one. In the past, when you have the wrong order, the animations just don’t do much interesting. In this one, there’s a lot of promising-looking false leads. The ending is impressive, though.

27 01 2009

Hey, it’s cee. I didn’t remember and can’t find an obvious email for you. Email me so we can figure out getting you sheet music and planning a rehearsal and such!

27 01 2009

yup, there went 40 minutes systematically playing the combinatorics. beat it (there was never any doubt). pretty.

27 01 2009

@bolson – well, there’s only 25 possible solutions… it’s almost tempting to run them all just to see all the dead ends 🙂

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