Barry Smith is back!

27 02 2009

Barry Smith once drew the incredibly awesome Angst Technologies webcomic. He went on hiatus for a while, but has restarted his artwork.
I highly recommend reading through the archives – the current strip is on He’s thoughtfully linked the older strips into archives.
Ya’ll can finally see the origin of the IT Ninjas.

Check out my nephew’s band : “The Malone”

22 02 2009

Check it out. My nephew’s band, “The Malone” has set up their myspace page (Warning for us old farts – it will start playing music as soon as you click on that link.)
Josh is playing bass, and I can well say he sounds a lot better than I do.

RadioParadise iPhone app!

22 02 2009

Last night I wanted to sit down and listen to some RadioParadise during gaming. Unfortunately, my efforts to get a streaming ‘terminal’ available in the living room (other than plugging in one of the laptops) hasn’t gone particularly well.
I remember listening to RP via my iPhone, and since we had Cat’s Bose Sounddock on the shelf, I figured I just had to whip up a connection and dock the phone.
I ran up Safari on the phone, navigated to Radio Paradise, and lo, there was a link to a Radio Paradise iPhone app! For free!
In a blink I had it downloaded and running on my iPhone. The app gives basic functionality, showing the current track and allowing easy music control.
Score another one for the awesome Radio Paradise.

A little distracted.

21 02 2009


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Perhaps my mind wasn’t completely on the game at hand.

The Macs. They tempt me.

15 02 2009

I’ve been having… unpure thoughts lately.
While I’m fairly happy with clipper running Ubuntu 8.10 as my working desktop machine, I realize that clipper is getting a little long in the tooth (I have not worn the keycaps off, but there’s a distinct ‘looseness’ in the keyboard). It’s now 4+ years old, and while it’s ‘working’, it might be time to consider an upgrade.
The macs tempt me. After setting up mom with her macbook, I had a better feel for the mac mobile experience. The latest line of macbooks has enough power in a non-bulky configuration that I can do all my development and serious work on them without making compromises.
I stopped by the Apple store to try out the new macbook touchpad (as I’m not a fan of touchpads in general), and I have to say I was impressed. The ‘glass’ touchpad implements multitouch in a good way (one finger for ‘single click’, two fingers for ‘right click’). I’d still miss the ‘nipple’ pointing device in the middle of the keyboard, but I think I’d be okay.
The last thing motivating me is the need to run some business software. I’ll be taking over more of Stonekeep’s finances, so I need to run Quicken / Quickbooks. While Intuit has done the right thing and put Quicken / Quickbooks online (though with our account with DCU, much of our banking can be done remotely anyway), having native commercial apps available, plus all the wonderful opensource / free apps – is a huge draw.
A properly kitted out laptop from Apple (250gig HD, 4gig RAM, Macbook 2.4Ghz) runs $1800-ish. This would be my machine for another 3-4 years at least – the price is reasonable, though a little daunting.
But then I look at other things that would bring me – like Time Capsule. Brilliant.
It would mean abandoning Linux as a desktop. A moral dilemma to be sure.

Classics app for the iPhone

12 02 2009

A few years ago, I posted about reading books on my Treo – an exercise I thought I’d never enjoy, but in the end, enjoyed quite a lot.
Ever since I got my iPhone, I’ve been considering setting up an ebook reader, but never got around to it. Recently I found the Classics app, a reader for the iPhone that is set up to provide a series of ‘classic’ books for the iPhone.
The reader app is quite good, and very easy to navigate (and pretty to look at). What I’ve been enjoying the most though is that the books that are available are, as the name implies, all ‘classics’ – books I should have read, but never got around to.
I finished reading ‘Flatland’, and now I’m about halfway through ‘Robinson Crusoe’. As always, it’s convenient having books with me at all times. I suspect when i’m done with these books, I’ll look at another reader app for other books, but for now, Classics makes it so I have at least 15 books with me at all times.

Not 64 bit.

9 02 2009

Not 64 bit.

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Gall dang it.

‘ketch’ will be the new application server at our colo facility. I’vebeen slowly piecing it together and installing pieces on it.

Tonight I sat down to load Debian etch. Lo, it kept coming up with:

Your cpu does not support long mode

Turns out these are older Xeons, and are in fact not 64 bit. They’re also configured for hyperthreading, which I”m also hearing I should turn off.

Still, a pair of 2gig CPU’s will be a vast improvement over what we had, just not quite as shiny as I had hoped.

RAID1 configuration is continuing now. Debian’s RAID setup can be a little convoluted to set up on install, but I managed to wiggle my way through it.

Oh, a hint if you ever do this? Remember to leave a little space on your raid volumes for swap space. 2 40 gig drives mirrored to make one 40gig volume == no space for swap. Oops.