Glimpses Back – The House that held Homeport – Up for sale!

24 03 2009

It’s always interesting looking into houses that have so much history for you personally – after you’ve moved out of them.
The house that got to be well known as Homeport, which we sold about three and a half years ago, is back up for sale.
The listing on has a whole series of pictures of what the house looks like now. While I don’t agree with many (er, well, most) of their decorating tastes, I do think replacing the countertops in the kitchen with granite was a good idea.
I hope they do well – this is a bad time to be selling a large house, but it looks like they’ve dressed it up nicely, and have done repairs and improvements that the place needed.




One response

24 03 2009

I think that Zach has lived at the house you are moving out of for almost the same period in his life that we lived at the Dix Hills house during yours!
Do you remember the Westbury house much? I look at on Google earth occasionally. Dad and I drove out there one year and I was shocked to see that the neighborhood has hardly changed at all!

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