CONGO Coding session. Phew.

11 07 2009

I had my first decent coding stretch on CONGO tonight in quite a while. I put in 4-5 hours to work through some issues that have come up while running the v2 code for a ‘live’ event. This is the first time the new codebase has been exposed to ‘real’ customers, and so far things are going okay.
There haven’t been any showstopper bugs yet (knock on every available source), but there have been a few rocks along the way. The fellow running the conference has been very supportive, knowing it’s new code, and I’m looking forward to a post-event debriefing. “What should be done differently?”
Overall, I’m quite proud of the v2 code. It’s still missing a lot of functionality from the first codebase, but I do enjoy having everything in Java in a sane build system and a rock solid database layer.
And now… bed.




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