Mac photo editing software?

8 08 2009

Mosaic at nightAs I continue my migration to my new Mac, I need to figure out how to fill in the holes for tools I’m used to having under Linux. At the moment, I need a tool to edit pictures.
iPhoto seems to be pretty capable for cataloging and uploading, but I’ll need photo editing. My default tool is Gimp, but I’m wondering what I should be using on the mac. I’m trying to avoid dumping hundreds of bucks into things like Photoshop (particularly when I feel Gimp is as capable as Photoshop). But is there a tool I should be looking at before I install Gimp?
I include the photo above as an example of spiffy pics I’m taking that I need to do minor editing on (this one needs to be rotated about 10 degrees).




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9 08 2009
Purple Vengeance Version

I advocate using photoshop, which is distinct from advocating paying for photoshop. 🙂
The other mac image-editing program of note is the all-powerful GraphicConverter, which has some interface weirdness that belies its heritage as a Carbon app, but which can be expected to open Every File Format Known To Mankind (got an old AmigaPaint file lying around? no problem!), and actually has enough image editing tools to be a quite capable mini-photoshop in its own right.

9 08 2009
Purple Vengeance Version

Er, where by “amiga paint” I of course mean “Deluxe Paint”. It’s been a while. 🙂

9 08 2009

Mmm. DeluxePaint. I remember that.
I’m downloading and installing Gimp now, mostly because I’m trying to avoid the yak – and I know Gimp. But I’ll keep imageconverter in mind.

14 08 2009

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