Paypal is driving me nuts.

17 03 2010

Why is Paypal so disorganized?
If you’re a developer, there are something like 6 different sites that are for use by developers.,, something called (which I was referred to, and sure as hell looks like a phishing site. Or something written by a 12 yr old).
All I want is an answer to why I’m having a problem posting an invoice to their ExpressCheckout, and I’m getting attitude and BS back.




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18 03 2010
Purple Vengeance Version

*cough* Checkout by Google. *cough*
(Also: your OpenID auth is very, very broken.)

18 03 2010

I’ll try and integrate in Checkout on the next rev – but I have to go where the money is – and the vast majority of users have Paypal accounts. I haven’t tried the Checkout API but I betcha it’s a heck of a lot better run than this noise.
On the OpenID front – I would very much like to get it fixed – poke me on IRC tomorrow / soon and we’ll see if it can be fixed.

19 03 2010

Google Checkout seems quite slick to me. I’m setting up a Drupal/Ubercart site for a client right now and they want to use Google Checkout. The integration works fine, although I did find the GC docs a bit scattered. Once I found what I was looking for (how to set up testing accounts) things went swimmingly.
And yeah, your OpenID integration on the blog is a bit rough.

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