Hurdy Gurdy for Beginners

21 09 2010

From a TED talk by Caroline Phillips – ever wanted to know about the hurdy gurdy? What a beautiful instrument.

Nick Cave – There She Goes My Beautiful World

14 09 2009

One of the things I love dearly about Radio Paradise is the constant exposure to music I would never have found under other circumstances.
A couple times I’ve heard tracks from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, and sometimes they’ve hit pretty hard, but the one that got me today is the track “There She Goes My Beautiful World”. It came up on rotation on my laptop while coding, and I had to pause to listen… which naturally made me look around for the lyrics (it’s a long song and doesn’t suffer from the common “there’s really only 3 verses in this song, we’ll just yammer them over and over again” beat so prevalent in modern music.
I decided to do a little googling, and found the lyrics on (a little heavy on the ads, but some remarkably good commentary from listeners). The song is about someone longing for their muse – their inspiration and their drive to share, express, and excel, coupled with release and need.
Interested? Video and lyrics after the cut… I recommend headphones. Cave is an expressive and intense presenter, though no one would call his vocals beautifully melodic. The arrangement on this track, with the backing singers, is wonderful…

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The man I look up to in music.

28 02 2007

My hero. This is Vic Wooten, to my mind the best blues/funk/jazz/fusion/whatever electric bass player alive today. I’ve met him in real life, after a Bela Fleck concert in Somerville. He’s not a particularly tall man, quiet, small hands, but is magic on the bass.

The instrument he’s using is of the same configuration as my Fender J-Bass, but with far better pickups and body than mine (it’s actually a 1983 Fodera Monarch Deluxe), but really, he can sound this good on just about any joe blow four string bass. As Vic has been heard to say “The bass make no music… you do.”
And, in the process of writing this entry, I just found out I’m a mere 3 days older than him.

ZoobTube for RadioParadise!

30 12 2006

This is pretty durned cool. A fellow has whipped up a sort of digital kaleidoscope that streams audio from Radio Paradise and generates a topical video montage using video from YouTube and images from Flickr. Sometimes it’s rather striking, sometimes it’s just weird.
Check it out at


1 10 2006

I’m sore. I hurt. Ow.
Last night the band played a 3 1/2 hour gig in Marlboro. I’m beginning to understand why a lot of musicians, particularly folks who haul their own gear, are in reasonable physical shape.
For my part, I just have my smallish amp, my guitar, and a parts / stuff bag (music, eq pedal, cables, water, etc), so I can pretty much just carry in things in one go. Such is not the case for my bandmates.
Drummer? My gosh. Someone has to come up with a cost effective way of setting up a drum kit at a gig. He had at least a pickup truck full of equipment. Stands, the drums themselves, cymbal cases etc etc. Had to be 300lbs of stuff.
Our keyboardist? 2 keyboards, stand, amp, speaker cabinet, and assorted hardware. Another 250lbs.
And you’d think guitar players would be on the lightweight side. Nope! 2-3 guitars each, pedal layouts, amps, and assorted hardware.
This is leaving aside the PA speakers (60lbs each), monitors (30lbs), amp + monitor amp + 24channel mixer (something ungodly).
Loadin and setup took about 2 hours, teardown and packup took about an hour. Which makes a single gig a good 7 hour affair, not including unpacking the vehicles at home and putting things away until the next event.
And on top of this, I’ve decided I need a bigger bass amp. My little Behringer is just not cutting it for gigs (30w Just Aint Enough). Several people said I was distorting last night (overdriving the amp), but if I backed off, I simply could not be heard. This is with a pre-amping EQ pedal. This of course will mean additional hardware and weight to bring to gigs.
We need a roadie.
(Sideline – in reality, we’re looking for a lead guitarist. Interested in playing lead on classic rock and blues tunes? Think early Clapton, SRV, CCR, Beatles and Stones.) If so, drop me a line.

Deluded Blues World Tour, 2006!

24 09 2006

Wake the kids, phone the neighbors! Break out the VW Minivan, it’s time to hit the road and support your local band!
Yep, Deluded Blues has a couple kickin gigs coming up in the next few months. That means you should romp on out and come hear us play! If you like going back to the days where there were still blues in rock, we’re talkin Clapton, CCR, and Stevie Ray Vaughn, then this is the place you want to be.
Our next show is September 30th at the All Star Bar and Grill in Marlboro. This is in the Best Western Royal Plaza just off Rt 20, and is a great venue. The food in the restaurant is good and the space is clean and comfortable. No cover fee, just come down and kick back and enjoy the show!
We start between 8:30 and 9, and will most likely play 3-3.5 hours.
(On a personal note – this is a place we’d lke to play a lot more, so the more folks showing up, the better, as it’ll assure us of further bookings 🙂
Hope to see folks there on Saturday!

Moonlight Sonata goes Jazz!

24 07 2006

At one point this weekend I wandered through the lobby and past a room that just had a single baby grand piano in it. I had an urge to just go in and -play-. Just to work some rhythms out, quiet music for myself and if someone wanted to listen, that would be okay. I don’t have that skill on a piano, but I sure had a longing for it…
This morning I found on a video on YouTube of a Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata done in Jazz form. It ends abruptly at about 2 minutes, but talk about a fascinating arrangement of what is (in my opinion) one of the finest pieces of music ever written.
Of course it’s making me think about the lovely Roland electric piano sitting not 15′ away from me, and not on the work I need to do. Ah distraction.